Notification delays

For the past week or so, delays in notifications are about 15 minutes. For several years now, it has been roughly 5 second with the occasional delay. I come to the forum to see if this is an issue being discussed and I don’t immediately see any discussion, I am on mobile ATM. With that said, I see Vera has been bought up and several changes are going on. Looks like I might be finding my way out the door. I’ll keep checking out the site for a few days but, my text notifications are pretty important. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t see it yet. I do own a hubitat but, I haven’t deployed it to test yet.

Just did a quick check. I cannot see any delay, I receive the notification within 10 seconds.

I hope I am wrong and this isn’t a trigger pull. It’s been going on for a couple of weeks. I have all the texts with time stamps well past the notification time.

@burn1out - I have been experiencing the same for over a month but have been ignoring the issue. I have a notification for the garage door opening and lately the texts have been lagging.
I’ll try to get more information around dates and times from the scene trigger and text received (if possible).

Checked again by switching to “away” mode and got notification within 10 seconds on movement in the room. So to my opinion this is not a generic issue.

@ranneman I’m not sure why you are here to disprove our claims. It is what it is. If you don’t have the trouble maybe this thread isn’t where you need to be. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you have already noted you don’t have this issue.

@droy some of them do come in timely and some definitely do not. So yes, I am very curious of why I have a delay in the notifications. I mean, this is a free service so to speak and I’ve become accustomed to it however, given the means to handle notifications myself and not through a cloud, I would certainly do so.

I’m not here to disprove the claims either, but in a previous life I learned a lot about SMS transmission.

It’s not reliable (there’s basically no error checking on receipt to the handset), and it’s not designed to be delivered in a timely fashion, especially if you’re away from your home network.

This may account for your issue, but it should be comparatively trivial for MCV to determine when they sent the notification to whatever SMSc they use. Beyond that it’ll be out of their hands.

Whatever, I hope it gets sorted for you

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Ah, now I get it. Didn’t understand this was on SMS. I just use e-mail notifications which of course is different.

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I’d sure like to see where the delay is. I’m about 5-6 years into Vera and 7 years into zwave. I’ve always used sms and it’s always been faster than email. Just until recently did the delays start. I admit there have been a few times per year on a delay, and those delays were only 2-3 minutes and not 15 minutes. As far as internet, I have 2 wans and I get notifications should either of them go down except if the ups dies. I do tinker with other HA platforms, but Vera has been easy and stable for me at least. I’m running on 3 years with the current load and I add a few devices here and there. I truly love the product. After reading some of the new threads on this board I think I’m actually excited that someone purchased mcv. Good things to come and I’ll admit I’m up for testing anything new and different.


I see you are having a gmail address. I have been encountering delays on random gmail/gapps accounts for a couple of days, this being unrelated to our services or servers. I will check our logs and come back with a list of notifications that were sent to you, generation time (cloud) + outbound acceptance by peer (our mx servers).

Alecs from this I assume you’re using an email > SMS gateway? Not sure what the relevance of the OP’s email provide will be. I’d assume you’re sending an email to the OP address (if that’s enabled) and at the same time an email to the email > SMS gateway with his cell number. I’m not sure it’ll be going through his gmail account…

Unless you’re communicating direct with a cell company’s SMSc (which is pretty trivial, so I wouldn’t be that surprised, but it’s rather less trivial than using an email gateway)

Not trying to teach you your system, obviously :wink:


Yes Sir I do, but I use MMS. I don’t have email enabled at all. I like the format and the threading that comes along with MMS…

Delays have decreased. Mostly on time for the past week with only one delay. I never got to finish combing my log file, but I did reboot my Vera. If it starts again, I’ll comb through the log files before I make a post.