Not sure if my plan will work - Lights & Ceiling Fan

Currently, in my bedroom, I have a ceiling fan with light permanently powered (no wall switch) and only controllable by the pull chains. It does have two separate wires coming out of the fan for light power and fan power, so I know I can separate the two. I also have two lamps, manually controlled at their built-in switches. I would like to be able to control all of this with three wall-mounted wireless scene controllers (one at the doorway, and one on each side of the bed).

Through my research, I have surmised that I should be able to use in-line lamp modules for the lamps (but this eliminates my ability to use the lamps’ built-in switches, necessitating alternative control, hence the controllers on either side of the bed), as well as an two Aeon microswitches for the fan (the main electric line comes up to the fan, and splits to fan power and light power - my plan is to install a microswitch on each of those lines). This would give me separate z-wave control over each lamp, the fan (speed control is not of concern to me), and the ceiling light individually. Then, using something along the lines of the GE 45631 or the Aeon minimote, I would be able to assign each button to control on/off of each device.

Before I go and spend the money to buy all the components, is there anything off with the idea that may prevent it from working? Am I correct in my ability to wire the ceiling fan/light as described, and in my ability to control the same functions from multiple scene controllers?

My network is set up currently through VeraLite, and this is my first time dealing with such complication. Currently, I only have my locks and thermostat set up, which don’t require any sort of secondary controllers as I just use my phone for access. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option for those living with me, so we need to have wall controls for this part of the setup, as well as bedside controls since we’ll no longer be able to use the built in switches on the lamps.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, your plan seems sound and should work. You can control each microswitch module with multiple scene controllers without issue.

Regarding your lamps, depending on the type of lamp and the space inside the lamp, you may be able to modify it so that you have both Z-Wave and local control. See my previous post on this subject.

It is common to have two lines going to a ceiling fan, one for the fan and one for the light. Usually in these installations, one of the lines is always on and one is switched. Double check that you do not have a switched line to the fan or light that you could use a Z-Wave switch on, rather than the microswitch. It may be more convenient.