Not showing as a device on UI7?

Hi, new user here, and after reading through the messages, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody having a similar problem

I’m using a VeraLite with UI7 and installed VeraAlerts successfully from the Apps section. It also shows that the plugin has created the VeraAlerts device. However, when I go to Devices, no such device exist, and when I go to Scenes, there is no way to access VeraAlerts either.

Am I missing something? Do I have to buy a license fee before this will show up in Devices? But also not seeing an option to pay. Thank you

I also hava a similar problem after I upgradet from lite Ui5 to Edge Ui7. When I’m making a “scene” VeraAlert do not show up on the list under “device action”. I’ve got a license, I’ve also tried to re-installed.

Since Vera Alerts that can be added from the Graphical editor … there is no reason to show the device. (Actually If I did the UI I would have shown it, but show it as disabled).
To add Vera Alerts to a scene you need to use the ADVANCED part of the scene editor.

Actually I think the Scene editor in UI7 is a significant step BACKWARDS compared to UI5 …

You do not need a license for it to show up on the devices tab. Note you will get the generic icon if you are viewing this remotely. I do not recommend configuring your Vera remotely. The only reason I can think of that it is failing because you do not have enough memory. You will have to look at the logs to see what is happening when you try to add a plugin device …

Got it, thanks.

If I cannot see it in the devices section, can you please advice on how I can add profiles?

I am confused about your message …
To Add Profiles you need to go to the Vera Alerts Device on the Dashboard.
To send an alert from a scene to a specific profile … you need to use the ADVANCED TAB in the scene editor.
NOTE: If you do not have any other devices in the scene, i.e. the only reason for the scene is to send an alert … then you SKIP the step where it asks for devices.
At the next step you can access the ADVANCED EDITOR for a scene … and from there you can select Vera Alerts.

But if you do not have any other devices in the Scene … then you may create a NOTIFICATION on the device that would have triggered the scene and you may not need to create a scene in the first place.