Not responding after reboot

I’m having a strange issue with my Vera 3 (Firmware 1.5.622). After I save settings and the unit reboots, sometimes it won’t respond to anything for a while. A while can be a minute or two, or it can last longer than that (I’m not that patient, so I usually unplug/replug). The navigation works fine, but clicking any action items such as on/off, arm/bypass, or even trying the reload button won’t respond at all. I’ve tried multiple computers and multiple browsers. I work in IT, so I have a pretty high technical background with computers and various network devices.

I’m currently testing a lot of new things and trying to learn all the functions of the unit, so a lot has changed in the last few days:
– Multiple new scens.
– A new GE on/off switch (purchased from Lowes in the Iris section).
– Testing with numerous Intermatic HA04 dimmer modules.
– I’m trying to learn LUUP, so I have a scene I’m using for testing.
– I’ve also downloaded the following plugins: VariableContainer, Virtual On/Off Switch, Program Logic Event Generator and Program Logic Core.

I fired the Vera up for the first time in almost a year about a week ago when I moved into my new place. The first thing I did was update to the latest firmware. It seemed to work fine up until last night when it started exhibiting the symptoms mentioned. I’ve performed countless unplug/replug, and I’ve deleted all of the new scenes and virtual devices (PLEG devices, virtual switches, etc.). I haven’t uninstalled the plugins yet, but that’s my next step. I figured I’d throw a post up to see if anyone else has had this issue or knows what I can do to troubleshoot it.


I would take a look at the log to see what is happening during the period when it is unresponsive. See Logs. There is also a good log display function with a pause facility in the InfoViewer plugin. See InfoViewer latest version.

Thanks for the reply!

I unplugged it for a few minutes, then plugged it back in and it seems to be working properly again. I’ll look into the logs if it starts acting up again.

Make sure your network is up and running when you power cycle Vera.
It does not work very well when it starts up and can’t call home … get the time …