not having any luck getting this up and running...

so, i ran through the initial transform and i have my .items file, but i can’t get openhab to talk to vera. i’m guessing this has something to do with my vera being password protected? i didn’t see anything that indicates how to handle password protected vera…

i have a basic sitemap set up, and can see the recessed lights in my living room…but throwing the switch on openhab does nothing.

can anyone help me out here? i’m just starting with openhab so i’m not even sure what information you all need from me to be able to help…

Sorry about the delayed response, been busy @work lately.

There’s nothing special in the MiOS openHAB Binding code to handle authentication, so if auth is required at the API level, then it’s not going to work.

That said, last I checked the auth was on the UI layer only, and API calls weren’t impacted.

When you ran the scripts to gen the Items file, that’s (effectively) using an API call also, did it prompt you to auth there?

Anyhow, if you attach your generated Items File, and a copy of the MiOS log file from your openHAB startup (typically openhab.log) then I can take a look at what’s going on.

If there’s any sensitive information in there, scrub it out before attaching it, or send me a PM to the links from some (private) file sharing site like Box.

See also this recent thread from another user, since there may be commonality in the issues:,38118.0.html

I was able to get it working…at this point I don’t remember what I did though to square it away. all I know is that it is in fact working as expected now, if a little slower than I would like on first switch press (while rules are being processed)… which I’m guessing is a product of openhab and not the binding or Vera.

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