Not getting email notifications

Not getting email notifications anymore. Anyone got the same problem?

I’m not getting any either. It’s stopped a few days ago. I have no idea why. Hopefully more people will contact support.

I’m getting them fine


Thank you for the feedback.

We are looking into this issue, currently we are running some tests to find as many details as possible so fixing it would be easier. We do have a few leads, but it’s not enough to call it fixed as of right now.

If you guys have any sort of information regarding this behavior it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


Email notifications stopped for me on Friday morning around 6:30am EDT. The output of the log file indicates that the VeraPlus is trying to send the email:
06/25/19 19:25:53.759 RAServerSync::SendAlert 0x10852c0 PK_Event 23571311842 retries 0 URL age: 0 file: err: 0 sess: …

I am having the same issues with getting email notifications. Also appears to have stopped on/after June 21