Not accessable through

I have a Vera2 that is accessable and appears to be operating correctly on the local network but the dashboard never loads using from a remote PC. I get message saying:

Data not loading?

  • Setup your network or
  • Upgrade your firmware or
  • Activate remote assistance
  • Request tech support

The odd thing is that the “myMiOS systems” page shows what looks to be a the correct IP address. Vera is connected directly to the cable modem with no other router or switch in between.

Any ideas?


Just to make sure:
-you went to
-you logged in

and then you have the error message listed in your post ?


That ip address on the dashboard is that last known ip address. It is likely that Vera got a new ip address. I had this problem before and had to delete and re-add Vera to my account. (While being local). I would also reserve Vera in your router so she doesn’t get a new address anymore.