Not able to include any Z-Wave device


for quite a while now I’ve got the following problem:

I’m not able to include any Z-Wave device any more. When I start the inclusion process and activate the inclusion mode on the device the countdown just counts down and no device is found. I’ve tried the following devices:

  • Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2
  • Heiman Smoke Sensor HS3SA
  • Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA
  • Eurotronic Spirit Thermostat

After many many tries I was able to include the HS3SA. A few weeks ago I’ve spent an evening trying to include the HS1SA. Only one time I got to 5% and then the inclusion process failed. All tested devices are working with a Vera Plus, so these are not defective. A few days ago all devices included before the HS3SA smoke sensor are turned to “Device Broken. Please remove and try to pair the device again”.

With the Ezlo support I already tried the following:

  • exclude a device and include it again: exclusion works within seconds, but I’m not able to include it again
  • reset the device and try to include it
  • re-start the Z-wave service in the unit and reboot it
  • let the countdown count to zero and exclude the device in the following menu: Sometimes the devices seem to be in a “think-of-beeing-included-mode”. The Spirit thermostat sometimes displays an ID after the countdown counts down as if it was included. Also the Heiman smoke sensor is blinking in a different way, when they are included. Then I’m able to exclude the device in this menu (the controller responses with a “The exclusion process stopped.” So the exclusion process seems to work flawless.

Since I don’t see any progress towards solving the problem, I’m questioning myself: Am I the only one with this kind of problem? Does this look like a defective controller?

Hello @Odysee,

We apologize for the issue you are experiencing with your Ezlo controller, our team is working on more integrations, the Heiman smoke sensor HS1SA, and the Fibaro Smoke sensor 2 is being integrated and under testing, regarding the HS3SA is under development, the Eurotronic Spirit Thermostat has an open ticket too. We know you have a pending case and one of our agents is working on your case. The controller seems to be fine as it gets into inclusion/exclusion mode but it fails during the configurations, so this is more an integration issue.

Thanks for your time and patience during this setup. We are currently working on getting more devices integrated and hope to keep counting on you as one o our customers.


I don’t think it’s an integration issue. I’ve integrated all of these devices some time ago. And the Fibaro smoke sensor is officially integrated.

Can please somebody test with one of these devices if inclusion works?

Hello @Odysee,

We will follow up on your open support ticket (245832) and try to replicate the issue with your sensors. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


It’s been almost two weeks again and unfortunately I haven’t heard anything from the support. What about my suggestion to completely reset the device? What if it’s a hardware failure? I’m not able to do anything with this controller for over 2 month :neutral_face:

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