Not able to edit some meshbots - 1.45.1

In my list of meshbots, there are some meshbots that I created quite a while ago (12 months?) that can no longer be edited.

Clicking the meshbot leads to an empty page in my browser, tested with Safari and Chrome, even after cleaning my browser cache.

This is a nuisance, as the only way to edit these meshbots is to delete them and create from scratch. Is there any way to make these meshbots accessible again?

Hello @jouked ,

We are currently investigating this issue. While we get this resolved, it would be necessary to create the Meshbot again. There is also a chance we can modify the scenes for you.
Please let us know about the edits you need to do and we’ll give it a try.

If you want, you can try editing scene 60f93ace129e0f12391ab2b2, ‘Raam TV’, by deleting any blind from the scene and saving it. Maybe that ‘fixes’ the issue and makes the meshbot editable for me again.

Ok, I’ll give it a try and let you know.

I am having the same issue but with a new issue
My Meshbots are being changed espically in the trigger side I have an ongoing issue for several months now that the devices or time and date gete deleted and I have no idea why
I had 5 such cases today alone this needs to stop

Hello @NCDude,

My colleague @slapfrost sent you a reply to your other message, please share with us the required information and add more details about this meshbot issue, we will check both situations.

Thank you, we will be attentive to your response.

@NCDude, check please your PM.
We are investigating this issue now.