Not able to access port 17000 when connected Ezlo Plus beta device to LAN

I have a Ezlo Plus beta device and would like to play around with the API. The documentation I’ve seen refer to a websocket port at 17000 but when my controller is connected to my LAN with the ethernet there is nothing running on 17000. If I open a access point on the controller and connect to that I can access the websocket on port 17000.

I would like to access the websocket locally without having to set up the access point on the controller. Is this possible or am I doing something wrong?

I’d start here.

Thanks. But I’ve been through that guide but I don’t find it clear about not seeing port 17000. If I do a port scan of the controller on LAN the port 17000 is not available. Is it so, that one need to authenticate first to enable the port or turn of authentication?

I’ve not been able to do the authentication in the guide due to the Python script fetching the token not working (highlighted in another post).

Which port scanning software are you using?

I haven’t used a port scanner to see if the 17000 port was open, as it was working for me and I could send commands to the API.

I just tried this Windows PowerShell command which seems to indicate the port is open on 17000 but not on 17001


Did you get a resolution to this? (I can’t connect via port 17000 even with access enabled). Curious if you were able to resolve it.

I just tested both ports 17000 and 17001 on both of my Ezlo Plus controllers and they are both open OK currently. HTTP Server API working OK etc. Can’t remember what issues I was previously having in this particular thread though.

Yes, finally resolved. I did a factory reset, which apparently loads an older version of the firmware. Then, after a bit (in my case it took 24 hours), the hub installs a later version (which has the HTTP functionality).

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