Nortq watt calculator - How to create multiple devices? - SOLVED

Hi I use Nortq powermeters, to be more exact i use 4 of them and they all work fine, but as we all know they do not display the current wattage and hence the Nortq Watt Calculator was created.

Now I upgraded to UI 7 and am able to add 1 nortq watt calculator device without any problem.
But how on Earth should I add 3 more NortQ watt calculator deviceus in UI7 since I would like to be able to present the wattage for all the meters…

Any advice?

No one? Is there any guides on how to manually create devices based on apps???

OK, after som minor digging I found the answer, BUT there is a better way, look at akbooer?s reply below!

First of all, find the Device XML File. In my case that is: D_NorthQWatts.xml
How do I konw that? Looked at the created device and under advanced, params there is a value, device_file, who Points you towards that name.

Then you have to find the impelementation file, in my case I_NorthWatts.xml, here i did a wild guess, but after browsing the existin luup-files ( APPS → Develop Apps → Luup Files
i guess that the implementationfile is following the pattern, replace D with I on device xml file… =)

After that, you go to: APPS → Develop APPS → Create device

Type in the XML-filenames. And create.

Now, you Think there is a device ready for you, but no, you have to reload Luup first… APPS → Develop APPS → Serial Port Confguration → Klick Reloaf LUUP.

Wait a couple of moments and go to devices and manage your device…

A note! Create the devices one at a time, and give them a name Before creating a new one since they would be namned Unknon device so if you add two without renaming you will only get one in the end…

This thread, below, pointed me towards this solution. Thank You TommyE (;u=16879 );topic=34900.0;attach=27602;image

Or you could also look at this solution, which doesn’t need a separate watt calculator for each device and also displays the result in the corresponding NorthQ device directly. Works for multiple devices.,16082.msg237849.html#msg237849

Jupp recently found it, seconds ago, but feel hmm, somewhat stupid, how do I implement the code?

It would be a perfect solution and I could delete the nortq watt calculators… Please advice me! And thanks in advance AKBOOER!!!