normally open contact sensor

I’m planning on triggering a scene when someone steps on the stairs. I’ve found pressure sensitive mats that I can use, but I need to connect then to a sensor that will be on my zwave network. I’ve seen a Fibaro sensor that allows you to set it to be normally open or closed, but I don’t think it would work with US Zwave. Any ideas?

Mimolite has NO or NC for the output rely not for the input sensor. So I don’t think that’s what hes looking for.

But as far as the contact sensor, it shouldn’t matter. When you set your scene or trigger you can set it either way. When its tripped or when its not. So I think your solution is a software fix not a hardware one.

This part is correct and I own 2 of them.

I’m not sure where you got this information. There is no mention of a “relay” or “output”.

We wants to hook his mat (an input sensor) to Vera, but if he uses a normal door contact input it would be reversed or trigger all the time instead of when they step on it. So he wants to use hardware to reverse the trigger. Which can be done with a slandered relay and power supply but can also be done software without the extra cost or wiring and parts. All he wants to do is trigger a scene with his pressure sensor. I don’t see how a MIMOlite would be worth the cost or even needed for this.

Just set the scene to trigger then the sensor is not tripped instead of tripped.

A door/window sensor. It has 2 wire input then z-wave output. He references the fibaro sensor. That one has a 3 wire input but its Euro frequency.

Yup the picture is perfect, but see how the relay is un-used. Lets say he wanted to turn on lights in the hall when he started up the stairs. The MIMOlite would be used as a sensor and no relay output is needed ( since he said he need to trigger a scene not a device). So your buying a 60.00 mimolite when all you need is a door sensor (which is the same without the output relay). That would be 30.00.

Problem he is having is both the mimo and the door sensor only have 2 wire inputs. open and closed circuits. Normally open circuit shows device tripped. he wants it backwards.