Noob - Lua programming help requested

I could use some input/review from the Lua experts. I’ve tried doing this a few ways and I’m not getting the results I want.

Between X:XXam and Y:YYpm if it is raining or snowing (as reported by google plugin) I have a certain scene activate to give me some light inside and outside. I know that the hard set times will vary in luminance at different times of the year, but it’s not so much that I’m uncomfortable with it. This part works great.

Then I have another scene that is triggered that turns all those lights off when the above scene is turned off, right now I have it’s Lua code set as:
return luup.is_night() == false

so that if it starts raining during the day, and stops at 9pm at night it won’t turn off lights that are in my “evening lighting” scene. However, it isn’t working well at all like this.

Should I just set the Lua code to say something like “execute this only if it is more than 91 minutes away from sunset”? (90 min from sunset is when my evening lighting scene starts to go into action).

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks so much