Non cloud voice control

Hi. i found this on internet. it has alloweed me to add voice control of all my smart switches (vera, tuya, smartlife sonoff). it uses android device and a app called automate and i have edited it to allow a hot word. i no longer get any lag as i did with veraplus and alexa, which on occasion would respond with not responding but 5 seconds later turn on the light. It is locally based and fully editable command utterances. ⭕Autoalexa⭕ Voice Assistant ⋅ Community ⋅ Automate for Android


Good find.
Looks like it will/can solve many intergration issues with many devices that Vera doesn’t support.

By following imr5’s guide, you can build a voice-controlled home automation system that doesn’t need either of those. The hardware you’ll need is an Arduino Uno and a Elechouse VR3 voice recognition module. That module is the real base of the project, but it doesn’t use natural language processing (NLP), so it doesn’t need an internet connection or a lot of processing power.

cool but, i dont want to by an arduino and what i have works great with android. It does not need internet except for iftt commands, it also means i can control my media and my android box and my smart devices all with one program.