No Vera email Alerts since 9/17/18

I haven’t received any emailed alerts from Vera for the last couple of days. The last one was on Monday, 9/17/18. Vera shows that they were generated successfully, but they were never received by my email account. I’ve checked my email address, and it is still correct. I can send emails to that address with no problem. I’ve also rebooted by VeraEdge, but no improvement so far.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Hello Vicw,

We have answered this issue in the ticket you have opened with us. Please check your email address.


[quote=“Ionut A, post:2, topic:199797”]Hello Vicw,

We have answered this issue in the ticket you have opened with us. Please check your email address.


Thanks for that. To clarify, the problem is actually that the Outlook email service is dumping all of my alerts from Vera into the Junk Email folder. The Android Outlook app doesn’t display that folder, so it initially looked like Vera wasn’t generating the alert emails. I finally found the with the browser Outlook version in the Junk Email folder.

I had tried the suggested Outlook Safe Sender setting, adding “”, but that hasn’t helped - all Vera Alerts continue to the Junk folder.

I may be talking to myself here, and I’m possibly the only guy having this problem using Outlook for Vera alert emails, but I want to pass this on, in case any others encounter it.

I went ahead and purchased a one year Microsoft Office 365 subscription, in the hope that the paid Outlook app would give me a better chance of preventing the Vera alerts from being pushed into the Junk Email folder. I disabled the Junk filtering, but I now have another problem with more or less the same effect.

The paid Outlook app includes additional email protection, called Safe Links, which runs in the server, and modifies links in emails that it perceives to be possible spam, while also pushing the emails into the Junk bucket. It is automatic, and not intended to be switched off, but they do provide a user request to disable the feature for a specific email account. I have made that request, and awaiting a response from Microsoft.

This is all extremely frustrating, as I’m depending on Outlook to generate secondary emails for IFTTT to Webhooks and on to my Synology NAS to turn Home Mode ON and OFF automatically every time we set our house alarm. It was working beautifully for the last month, or so, until this week.

I got Microsoft to disable Safe Links for my account, and that part seems to be gone now, but my Vera Alerts are still going to Junk Email. Microsoft now says that the sender needs to update their Microsoft Junk Mail Reporting program. Not sure about that, but I forwarded all of that data back to Vera Support.

I would really appreciate if any other Vera users who are using email for alerts are currently able to receive the Vera alerts to their Inbox, or if they are also going to the Junk Email folder as mine are. This problem started within the last 4 or 5 days. Note that the Android Outlook app doesn’t display the Junk Email folder. You need to look on the browser version to see it.

This should be my last entry on this issue, thankfully. Yesterday, Microsoft suggested that I ask Vera Support to update their domain profile in the Microsoft Junk Email program. I forwarded that to them, and as of this afternoon, the problem appears to be solved. My Vera alert emails are now going to my Inbox. I can’t say with any certainty that they updated the profile, which fixed it, but I hope so, and I thank them for that.

My apologies that I might have been the only person in the Vera universe who had this problem, but this thread could be of some help if it occurs again.