No UX friendly control for RGB switches?

I am just double checking, is it normal for a RGBW dimmer to show up as 5 switches on the dashboard? (assuming 1 for each color and 1 for dimming), there is no, like nice UX for that, like a color wheel or something?

Also how to do you force a refresh of devices in the Vera Mobile apps, there the situation seems worse, I only have 1 device showing up… the dimmer, with no ability to set the color at all, but I think the controller is caches my device list and I can’t figure out how to refresh the device list.

Hi @shallowearth ,

Mobile apps automatically refreshes the device list. So you don’t need to do a force refresh. If you don’t see your devices there then it means they don’t exist on the system. We need more details about the problem.
In mobile apps we have RGB functionality, if your device supports it :

and for dashboard , RGB support will be there on monday at latest.

So they recently added colour temperature controls?

Or is it just with the Ezlo Phillips Hue plugin where they are missing?

It was always there. It depends on the device.
For plugins , we noticed a structure difference on FW about temperature settings. We will fix it shortly. But UI already supports temperature setting for all zwave zigbee devices.

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Thanks I was able to get the controll working on the mobile app,