No provisions for a USB serial device?

I’ve taken a cursory look at the API docs for plugins on Ezlo hubs. I don’t see any way to communicate with a USB serial connected device. I understand that few such devices exist and thus the need for this type of connection is extremely limited. I’ve been maintaining the RFXtrx transceiver plugin on Vera for several years. Have I missed something in the docs? Will serial communications ever be available?

And critical to my home automation is the EnOcean plug-in, which also needs serial. (Note I also use the RFXtrx plug-in on a different Vera at another location.)

Hi @tinman and @wilme2, Broadlink communication will be available, the plugin it’s not ready yet, but we have information that the development is in process. As soon as there is an official release of the plugin more documentation will be uploaded.

You can refer to the following category for more information about the current plugins supported by Ezlo and stay tuned for further releases: Latest Ezlo Plugins topics - Ezlo Community

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The senior Ezlo devs are aware of this thread.

USB serial connection support is planned I believe but they havent started working on it as yet.

Hi @tinman @wilme2

As @cw-kid mentioned, We don’t have a solution implemented yet but I can confirm this item is in our roadmap.