No Port associated with DSC

Everything was working well, until I decided to permanently mount the Vera 3. Once I reconnected everything, I got a red light associated with the DSC system. “Missing Port” I went under Apps / Develop Apps / Serial Port Configuration and it shows that no USB / Serial Port is connected. It tells me to reoad LUUP if it is not displayed. I did that with no results. Any ideas??



It’s either lost it’s association with the Serial port, or it’s lost the Serial Port altogether.

If you’re using a USB-Serial port, with a Vera 3, then it should be on a Powered USB Hub… or a better/more powerful Wall-wart than the one that MCV ships.

What is the solution? Do you think this is a power issue? Does anyone have a good solution for the serial / usb conversion that is required to go from IT-100 to Vera 3?

Guessed provided you some solutions. Try them out and see how it goes.

  • Garrett

In order for me to implement one or all of these solutions, it would be more practical for me to move the Vera. Is anyone aware of a wireless connection between IT-100 and the Vera 3 that is practical. If not a wireless one, is it possible to utilize Cat 5 or something similar. The issue is my alarm panel is mounted in an area that is really inaccessible to power. I realize this sounds counterintuitive, but that is my setup. If it is more practical to utilize a better “Wall-wart” does anyone have any suggestions as to what to get / where to get it? Thanks again.


Hello Tim,

Could you move the IT100 closer to your Vera?

The options could be:
Home run with 4 wires back to the panel.
If you have a keypad close to the vera, you could run the wires from your IT100 to the keypad.
I tried to run through an itach wifi to 232 but i did not get it working, but noted someone else did and of course, this is an expensive option. It would be cheaper to get an 2DS and a small wireless bridge.

I used theDS and a netgear powerline Ethernet modem at the panel with the other end straight into Vera. I seems to work just fine (I’m communicating for sure) but the challenge will be in how to do what. If you’re stuck with the it100, there are some Ethernet to serial converters and you could do the powerlne extension back to Vera or your switch/hub. Netgear also sells a wifi extender/booster that plugs in the wall. It has a single rj45 in it to go to the alarm and you get the added benefit of a 1000mw repeater for our wifi. It’s allowed me to get much better range off my wifi forscam cameras that I have scattered around the property.

The solution could be to ulitise the WIZnet Serial2Ethernet Gateway WIZ110SR. It is detailed DSC Code and Instructions

The 2ds is working fine. I can expose most of what’s going on in the DSC and the power line modem which is my ethernet connection is doing a great job speed wise.

All my it-100 installs are hooked up at the Vera location with a 4 conductor hooked up to the closest keypads keybus wiring. I then install the it100 in an Elk project box to protect it.
See link here: