No password

Hi, I got a veralite from a co worker, who has lost all username passwords from his vera.
So he gave it to me to see if i can access it again.

When i go to the website on it asks for a username and password, which he doesn’t remember.
Is there a real factory reset without knowing any username or password ?

Holding the reset button for more than 10 seconds resets the unit to factory default, though it may not work depending on the firmware version. Failing that, there is a reset script that can be run from the command prompt.

The reset doesn’t work since it’s probably a very old firmware because he hasn’t used it for more then 2 years.
I cannot run the script since i have no access to the console, because i have no passwords.

The link I already provided has clear instructions for getting a password so that you can SSH into the Vera Lite and run the script. I don’t know what more I can provide.

Yeah, i know i have looked at the post. But

1. Locate the Root Password. On Vera Lite's, the root password isn't printed on the bottom. So you need to access to the 'Tech Support' settings. Depending on your UI version, this is either under the Advanced tab, the Settings tab, or the Account tab. But if you can not currently access these tabs since you are locked out of the UI you will have to wait till your Vera session times out. After it times out you should be presented with 3 clickable options, you will want to select the 3rd (Contact Tech Support). After clicking this you will be brought to new screen that will allow you to turn on remote access. There will be an 'enable' button. Click that to turn on the tech support service. You will see a message like this: Tech support full control enabled, access code 3000000-436969 The first number is your serial number, which is always printed on the bottom. The second number is a temporary password created for a user called "remote".

This doesn’t work for me since even the webpage is password protected… and i only get a 401 Unauthorized.

I believe the vera lite has a pin hole at the top of the unit. That should be the reset but ton.

  • Garrett

Did your colleague buy the Vera Lite new or did he upgrade from a Vera 2? If the latter, did he restore a Vera2 backup to the Vera lite? If that is the case, the main root password is that of the Vera 2, not the one showing on the bottom of the Vera Lite…

The vera lite was still assigned to his account. So i got in touch with vera support and they removed the vera from his account, now i’m able to assign the vera to my own account.