No more video records in Vera mobile (

hi there,

Since the recent update ( of Vera mobile on my android phone, I can’t see anymore the records of my camera (the live feed is ok). The screen has been redesigned : I can see two new buttons (a ringbell and a micro) and an icon to open a calendar. But it’s useless : no records are displayed.

Anyone else facing the issue ?

Hello @rouf

Camera recordings are being uploaded correctly. You can check the recordings by going to Cameras > History.

You can also filter or select specific recordings using the filter option and the calendar button on the top right.

Please let me know if it allows you to do so.

Thank you for your quick answer @Leonardo_Soto .
In the “Cameras” menu the app doesn’t show my cam. So the history button doesn’t work. And I don’t see any “filter” option on the live feed.
It seems the android app doesn’t fully recognize the cam.
Whereas on the web GUI everything is ok, the cam is still shown as usual, and I can see the video records.

Hello Rouf,

Sorry about the delay, the same day you reported this I escalated a case so that the team can work on that and resolve the issue.

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thanks @Leonardo_Soto .
Wait & see :-p