No Insteon error message can I get rid of it?

I have a new message popping up that never goes away…“No Insteon”
Its right! I don’t!
I don’t want the system wasting its precious time looking for something that isn’t there. How can I get rid of it and why did it pop up all by itself.
I added a USB serial plug for my alarm system (DSC and its works fine)…thats it.
Any ideas?

punt Vera. lmao.

Did you try to reboot Vera, leave it unplugged for a couple of minutes then plug it back in? Or a Heal with stress test? i think she gets bored with herself and then turns spiteful if you leave her alone for too long.


Which firmware version did you revert to? I haven’t seen this problem in a while and it used to happen a lot when adding a serial port. However it got fixed.

version 992
Are there later versions where the DSC panel still functions?
Any idea when the new plugin will be available? I would be willing to be a Beta Tester…

Isn’t that a UI2 version?

The new plugin seems to be working quite well; however notifications don’t seem to be working (for me at least).
@guessed is currently tied up with his real job at the moment for the next week, so I don’t think the notification issue will be be fixed until then at least.

If you want to give it a try then I recommend going back to 1.1.1186 and I’ll post you a link of where to grab the plugin.

Sounds great. Send me a link and I will upgrade to the latest. The only feature I really need is for SQ Remote to display Open Door status. Did he fix the issue with the serial port? I take it the issue was in the plug in.
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