No e-mail notifications for days


I haven’t received any e-mail notifications about new replies for a few days. Can please someone take a look at this?

Knock, knock. Can somebody please help me? Where/who can I ask about this?

Some of them have been sent, some of them are skipped. The forum only sends digests and reply notifications if you were not seen recently.

Thanks for the response. It seems like I didn’t receive any notification since beginning of this year. I’ve also checked spam folder. Any idea?

I’ve checked the logs on a test email from our server to your email and it says it was sent successfully.

For testing purposes, you can change your forum email to a different provider to see if the issue persists. I, for example, use Gmail on my personal account and I’m still getting emails from the forum. Some email providers might block our servers if some of the users on that domain report us as spam, instead of just unsuscribing.

Do I have to change the primary email adress? I’ve added a secondary email adress, but still don’t get a notification.

I’m not able to change my primary email adress. I don’t receive the confirmation email (gmail).

Hi, can you please send me a private message with your Gmail account?

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Thanks for the help! I’m receiving notifications via gmail.

No problem, I changed your gmail address to primary and this seems to have done the trick. But didn’t have time to confirm it to you.
Glad I could help.

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