No December... seriously? How can that be?

I am finding VERA2 to be incredibly buggy… this product has such great potential but it seems to be let down by some very poor design choices (the battery thing… I mean really?)… AND some major bugs. In addition to the time being reset continously back to 1/1/2000 00:00:00 - I have found yet another bug:

There is no December in the date set option!.. I mean really? Come on… now, not only does my system date/time get reset… I can now not correct it to any day within the current month (see screen shot).

I wish someone from tech support would get back to me… I am due to start reselling these units in January and am starting to have serious concerns about that decision.

Thank you.

Same here – good grief!
I have found their support to be a nightmare
The system crashed a couple of months ago and I left voicemails, emailed support people on the forum as I couldn’t get my account activated - no response for weeks from my emails and NOTHING from my phone call.

Probably the most frustrating piece of equipment I have ever owned with one of the worst companies providing support

Seems that the month is the only element which is wrong? Year = 2010 and time seems to be ok?
It’s probably only a missing selection in their drop down element in the UI. I think in the backend, the timestamp is just fine.

New bug report:

pepebel4 - the dates in the selections you see were entered manually… the system date was 1/1/2000 00:00:00 at the time.

Add me to the list of people surprised that a bug like this hasn’t been fixed in 25 days. All they need to do is add December to the drop-down options. I hope this isn’t a warning sign for poor support.

  • Brian

No kidding it’s been almost 4 months since a firmware release and they still have not fixed that missing December thing. Really pisses me off. Not to mention all the other issues. Like not being able to schedule lock codes for Schlage locks that you could over a year ago with UI2.

There has been updates, but trust me…you’d rather live with the no December bug than live with some of the other bugs that some users have had!

The good thing is that things are beginning to look back on track and hopefully some of the later releases with this bug actually fixed can be released.

The bad news is that there are quite a few bugs… the good news is - that the tech support guys at MCV were really helpful and ended up loading a beta firmware on my system that has so far resolved all my issues… so they seem to be fixing a lot of the issues that have been reported.

The other good news is there is only 4 more days to worry about it … lol