No backups

Settings/Backups used to show a list of all the automatically created backups but today the list is empty.

Please investigate. Is this just a GUI thing or are the backups gone and if so why?

Thank you.

Hello @chuckf2

We tested the backups list on and we’re able to retrieve backups from our testing controllers.

It’s possible that the website is omitting some information if the web browser cache needs to be cleared. Please follow these instructions to clear the web browser’s cache and inform us in case you’re not able to retrieve any backup right afterward.

Clear cache for Google Chrome
Clear cache for Microsoft Edge
Clear cache for Mozilla Firefox

I think I figured it out. I have the hub set to reboot every morning at 3am, same time as the backup. I’ve changed it to 3:30am.

Thank you for letting me know @chuckf2.

Please keep us updated if the issue persists.

I have a backup listed on ezlogic!

Strange that it has a 4:02am timestamp though. Is that a time zone issue or did the backup time change to 4am from 3am?