No app support since firmware update.

Once again I’m back in that boat where no apps will talk to my Vera3. I updated to 1.7.599.

Since then I cant connect with anything other than the web page. Imperihome, HomeBuddy, Vera, Vera Mobile… none of them work. Tried reatarting, unisntalling apps, etc. They all see my device but wont load or talk to my devices.

So for some reason the ability to control my zwave dimmer switches is gone from the Vera Mobile Iphone app. (Green Leaf). I’m still on UI5, scared to to upgrade anything because everything is working perfectly, however instead of the ability to slide a bar from right to left to dim the lights, there is now just an on and off switch.

Does anyone have any idea what this is about? I downloaded the UI7 Vera app for Iphone, but it won’t let me log in. I’ve read that I will need to create a username and password at to associate my controller to use the app, but I was very happy with the old (Green leaf) Vera Mobile app.

Please advise if you know what happened. Thanks in advance!

Since UI7 uses a more secure authentication method, you have to set up a UI7 account (If you have not already) at Also, you will need to use UI7 compatible apps on your smartphone due to the new more secure authentication protocol.

Vera has ones available for Android and iPhone and there also are 3rd party ones. As I don’t use iDevices, I can only speak for Android. Both the latest AuthomationHD beta (available in these forums) and ImperiHome are compatible with both UI5 and UI6/UI7 Vera’s. A newcomer on the block is SmartAbode which supports Android Wear and allows you to use your watch to operate devices and scenes.