As iPhone 6 got the NFC chip - I hope the developer of HomeWave would implement NFC support !

Finally Apple choose to put NFC on their devices, even though I have been using NFC on my Samsung for over 2 years now.

According to some reports, the NFC chip will only be used by Apple Pay (at least at the beginning). Developers have no way to integrate it into their apps.

Anyone surprised Apple is putting kabosh on something?

I fully expect NFC will be opened to developers at some point. My feeling is since they wanted to keep NFC and Apple Pay a secret until their announcement last week, they couldn’t tell developers about it when the announced iOS8 back in June. There’s no way they won’t open it up.

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Sorry to say - Apple has confirmed that the NFC chip will be restricted to ApplePay. I am so dissapointed - strongly considering Android for the first time ever.

Just like with all apple innovations they keep it closed at first then open it up. TouchID is a perfect example of this where they used it for apple only and now have opened it up to 3 party apps

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Get an Android.

Not only are they much better devices, but as an added bonus you won’t be considered an iTwat any longer 8)

This NFC thingy sounds like a brilliant Apple Innovation! ;D

It is, and I bet in the next 1 to 2 years, they will find some other innovative ideas to use NFC for. :wink:

But for right now they want to just focus on making a “better phone in every single way”

Same reason they didn’t, make a bigger screen.

“It’s never been about just making a larger phone … it’s been about making a better phone in every single way. And so we ship things when they’re ready, and we think that both the display technology here, the battery technology, but all ? but everything else and the software.”

They will sell like hot cakes today and next year when they introduce the things they held back from this year they will sale again. It’s sad but, there is really no need for them to innovate anymore. It’s all about profit and marketing they very good at that. Just don’t expect anything more and we can all be happy.

NFC is not an Apple Innovation. In fact they should have adopted it years ago like the Android did. I am an Apple user since the beginning of the iPhone. I own several phones and iPads. Several months ago I got an Android, and now can see big failings in the iPhone. Sorry to say that the fat lady has sung with Apple products.

He was being sarcastic of course.

And I thought the fat lady has sung years ago but they make huge profits and sell a crap load of phones. So even tho I think their phone is crap I can’t say it’s over for apple, they just keep selling more.

Yeah that joke sailed WAY over his head ;D