Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2021-Sep-21

Hello all,

We continue with our posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see the newly integrated Zigbee devices :

Manufacturer Device Type Model Number
LUX KONOz 180428000059
Aqara Water Leak Sensor SJCGQ11LM
Sylvania SMART+ Soft White 74389
Heiman Smart Wireless Siren Heiman HS2WD HS2WD-E
Sengled Smart Led Multicolor E21-N1EA
EUROTRONIC Energy Saving Controller with Radio Standard 700045
Sylvania Adjustable RT 5/6 Recessed Lighting Kit 73742
Sylvania RGBW Full Color and Tunable White Starter Kit ‎73661
Sylvania Bulb, Color Changing and Dimmable A19 LED Bulb,60 Watt Equivalent(2pack) ‎73859
Philips Portable Dimmable LED Light Table Lamp ‎7602031
Sengled Smart Led Strip Lights 16.4ft B089KHKGZW / 19010207
innr Smart Bulb Color A19 ‎AE 280C-2
AICase Smart Light Bulb ‎E0755
Enbrighten GE Outdoor Smart Switch ZB4201
Enbrighten GE Plug-in Smart Switch ZB4103
Enbrighten GE Plug-in Smart Dimmer ZB3103
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer ZB3004
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Smart Switch ZB4004
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer ZB3003
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Tamper-Resistant Smart Outlet ZB1001
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Tamper-Resistant Smart Outlet Prise intelligente inviolable 43132 ver 3.0/ZB1002
Centralite Micro Motion Sensor 3328-C
AduroSmart ERIA Door Window Sensor 81822
DOGAIN Smart Plug Smart Plug
Seedan Smart Plug, Smart Outlet Smart Plug, Smart Outlet
Sonoff Smart Plug S31 Lite zb
3A Smart Strip Light Controller 3A12S-15
3A Smart Light Dimmer Switch HGZB-02A+

Here you can see the newly integrated Z-Wave devices :

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Fibaro Double switch 2 FGS-223 us v3.3
Yale yale assure lock sl ‎YRD256-ZW2-619
UltraPro In-Wall Dimmer 39351
Jasco Dimmer Switch 45742-1
Philia Siren PSE02-2B
Fortrezz Flood and Temperature Sensor FTS05us
Yale Lock Keypad Deadbolt in Satin Nickel YRD110-ZW-619
Somfy Channel Z-Wave to RTS Plug-in Interface Wall Module ZRTSI RTS 16
Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Ceiling Sensor ZWN-BPC-PLUS, White ZWN-BPC-PLUS
Neo Z-Wave Plus Siren Alarm with Strobe alerts NAS-AB02ZU-G
RGBgenie RGBW LED Driver Dimmer and Repeater, Constant Voltage Strip Light Controller with built-in Power Supply. ZV-1008
Delaney Smart Home Automation Z-Wave Gas/Water Auto Shutoff Valve for Pipes up to 1 1/2 Compatible Smartthings Vera GR-105N
RGBgenie Micro Controller and Lamp Module - Single Channel Trailing Edge Dimmer with Momentary Switch Input ZW-4001
UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch, in-Wall Toggle 39354
Ring Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor 4SF1S8-0EN0
Fortrezz Wireless Z-Wave Multi-Input/Output Dry Contact Bridge MIMOLite ZC08-16040002
Aeotec Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW095 ZW095-A Home Energy Meter Gen5, Small, White ZW095
Enerwave Hidden Smart Switch Wireless Remote Control to Lights and Ceiling Fans ZWN-RSM1-PLUS
Fortrezz FortrezZ Z-WavePlus MiMO2+ Interface Module MIMO2US
Aeotec Aeotec Nano Dimmer lighting controlle ZW111-A
Aeotec Aeotec Nano Shutter, Z-Wave Plus Controller Automatic Blinds Curtains, Shades, Gates, Smart Blinds Invisible Installation ZW141-A
Leviton Decora Smart Tamper-Resistant Outlet ZW15R-1BW
Enbrighten GE Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.) ZW4203
Honeywell Tamper Resistant Smart Outlet Z5OUTLET
Aeotec Indoor Siren 6 ZW164-A
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Add-On Switch ZW2003
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Add-On Switch AS2005
NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor Detector Home Automation NAS-PD02ZU
Aeotec Wall Swipe ZW158-Z
Aeotec Nano Switch ZW139-A
Eaton Universal Smart Dimmer RF9640-N
Ring Alarm Range Extender Range Extender
Ring Alarm Panic Button Panic Button
Qubino Z-Wave Plus RGBW Controller ZMNHWD3 for 12-24V LED Strips and Light Bulbs ZMNHWD3
Schlage Smart deadbolt BE469ZP V CAM 619
Kwikset Smart Code touchpad electronic deadbolt 912
Aeotec Dual Nano Switch ZW132-A
Trane Temp/Hum Sensor ZSENS930AW00MA
Eaton Wireless Switch RF9617DW
STELPRO Electronic termostat STZW402+
GoControl Smart Retrofit Lighting Kit with LED Bulb LB65R6Z-1
Zooz RGBW dimmer Zen31
Neo Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch 1 Gang 2 Switches in-Wall Smart Switch Touch Panel Touch Sensitive 39122200
Zipato Micromodul Single Switch PH-PAN03.US
heatit Z-Push Button 4 45 126 82
heatit Z-Push Button 8 45 125 81
Honeywell Z-WAVE Enabled 7-DAY Programmable Thermostat with Wire saver TH8320ZW
GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat GC-TBZ48
TRANE 14942771 Thermostat, Z-Wave, Works with Alexa TZEMT524AA21MA
Enbrighten GE 40-Amp Indoor/Outdoor Metal Box Smart Switch ZW4007/ZW4004
Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222
Sensative Drips 700 US RC10
heatit Z-Din 616 45 125 61
Sensative Guard 700 Us RC10
heatit Z-Water 45 124 75
Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 ZW-07A
Evalogik In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch ZW31S
Haozee Door/Window sensor with temperature and humidity B0923ZFHB2
Evalogik Smart Plug ZW39
Enbrighten GE Smart Dimmer 28166/ZW3104
Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 ZW5 v3.3
Enbrighten GE Flood/Freeze Sensor 52247/ZW6309
Zooz Remote Switch ZEN34
Enbrighten GE Hub/Panel Remote 53831/ZW5314
Aeotec Smart Switch 7 ZWA023-A
Evalogik Smart Plug Outdoor ZW96
Yale Locks & Hardware YRD156-ZW2-619
Enbrighten GE Smart Motion Sensor 52251/ZW6307
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Smart Switch 46562
Enbrighten GE Hub/Panel Remote 53829/ZW5313
Minoston Smart Dimmer Switch MS11ZS
Yale Smart Module AYR202-ZWV-USA
Heltun Fan Coil Thermostat HE-FT01
Schlage Connected Keypad Lever FE599NX Cam 716 ACC
Heltun Heat Thermostat HE-HT01
Yale Assure Touchscreen with Cambridge Knob-Works with Ring Alarm B-YRD226-ZW-CM-0BP
Heltun Advanced Programmable Z-Wave Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS05
2GIG Radio Thermostat CT-30
Yale Locks & Hardware 700 YRD216-ZW3-619

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check
-Z-Wave Full List
-Zigbee Full List
-2 Gig Full List

We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile:


A lot of devices have been added again :+1:

But wouldn’t it look better if, instead of one large list every few months, you post several lists with fewer devices at shorter intervals?

By the way, how about Aeotec Multisensor 6?

you have that list here…

I didn’t ask about the full list. I know this list. I asked about more ‘what’s new’ postings. What’s the point if you introduce new devices or features and nobody is actively informed about them? Or do you mean that someone looks at this list regularly to look for what’s new?

this post is the “what’s new” posting…showing whats is newly added…

if the user has requested integration using our Integration Request system, then as a result of that they would get informed as well.

What I meant was that there should be more regular / more frequent “what’s new” postings. If the distance between them is too great, one thinks that little is happening.

At the beginning there were postings about new devices every two week. Not that much devices, but more frequently. That gives you more that feeling that things are going on :wink:

hopefully we’ll get to 2 weekly interval.

Yes and starting with this post, we switched back to publish newly integrated devices every other week again :slight_smile:

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When I go to Device Compatibility – Ezlo Smart Home there is still no check mark for this thermostat for Ezlo Plus. Is it fully integrated? Do I need to update firmware on my Ezlo Plus?

Also, the ticket is still saying Work in Progress:

And the final question, if it has been integrated, is the manufacturer’s function “Outdoor Temperature Display” fully working as intended, with a physical Z-Wave temperature sensor? This function did not work fully on Vera Plus, it took the temperature from a “virtual” weather temperature sensor on the internet for the “Outdoor Temperature Display”. It did not allow to use a physical Z-Wave temperature sensor on the same system, as intended by the manufacturer. I had to use a complex Lua code to make it work. Is this fixed with this new integration on Ezlo Plus?

I just noticed that Fibaro Smart Implant is missing from the Device Compatibility – Ezlo Smart Home list.

I’ve just bought a Fibaro Smart Implant and tried to include it to the Ezlo Plus. Despite the fact that it is officially integrated, you cannot find it in the list where you add the devices. So I successfully added it as a Generic Device. Then I noticed that in addition to the connected sensors, two other temperature sensors are displayed. One seems to be the internally built one. The temperature increases slowly. What about the other? It remains constant at 22.1 ° C. Is that a bug in the integration?

In addition, two additional switch devices appear that I cannot assign. Plug 3 and 4 seem to be the analog inputs (10.2 V also appears as a measured value). But what are the plug 1 and 2 for?

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