Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2020-Nov-12

Hello all,

As promised we continue with our posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see the newly integrated Z-Wave devices :

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Honeywell 39342/ZW4106 Plug-in Smart Switch
Vision ZP3113-7 4 in 1 PIR Sensor
Vision ZG8101 Garage Door Detector
Philio PAN05-1B In wall Single relay (1 way) switch module
Philio PAN03-1B Switch module with meter
Philio PAN10-1B Switch module with meter

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check this community post for Z-Wave , also this community post for Zigbee, and also this community post for 2 Gig Devices. We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile: .


Weekly… really ??
How many posts with newly integrated devices did you place here say … past 10 weeks ???

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Hello @Mai_Pensato, sorry that was a copy paste error. To answer your question we are doing these posts for a lot of months now but if we look to the last 6 months only, I count we have 12 of these posts. (so something like 0,5post/week)

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Can you indicate the technology (zwave, zigbee, wifi, cloud), which firmware version this will be in and the target release date of that firmware on these posts?

I know that a vision pir is likely zwave but its not guaranteed.

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How is about sonoff?

the answer seems to be 5 (approx)

Wrong… I only count 3 including this one in past 10 weeks (wk 37-wk 46). And the last one was 6 weeks (!) ago

Ok thank you.

Now you answered your question :slight_smile:

Hello @kigmatzomat,

sure they are always shared in separate lists and each lists protocol is marked on top of it (e.g. in this post we had only zwave)

We uncoupled device integration from firmware releases on new Ezlo FW. So any device that we integrate is ready to use without the need of a fw update.


great work doing this btw guys!

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Smart implant Fibaro, Shelly device please

And you clearly miss the point I want to make… :frowning_face:

Whelp, I get 6 lashes with a wet noodle for poor reading comprehension.

Is there a device library version number or other indicator to know if the controller is current with these?

I didn’t. Clearly you are missing the point I am trying to make
We took this company from not releasing firmware for months…not releasing new devices for months to releasing firmware and devices every two weeks, (not sure you understand how much work involved in that!!!)
We integrated much more devices into Ezlo than old Vera !

and all you can do is complain because someone did a typo?
Some of old vera users have been so bitter with their experience, that they are blind to all the progress and all they do is complain no matter what.

But, nothing will change, you will continue to complain…
so I am ready for your next post with more complaints!


I think its great that new device integration has been decoupled from the firmware. Means you guys can more quickly add new devices without users have to update their controllers firmware. Keep up the good work !


Hi melih,
“Thanks” for calling me a bitter old vera user that is blind for progress and only can keep on complaining and will do for years to come…
So I conclude you really missed my point and further clarification is needed.

I’m indeed a Vera user since more than 8 years Starrted with a Vera 3 and a limited number of zwave switches and sensors. Learned a lot from the many active members of the forum including some highly valued plugin developers. Although I’m not a programmer I learned to make complex scenes including Luup/lua. And learned how to tweak settings on the controller and setting parameters on devices.
3-4 years later I had a very complex set up and problems started to arise all related to reliability and stability of the platform. And indeed the former owners of Vera were not very good in solving problems end releasting new firmwares and so on. Despite these shortcomings and having tested also some alternatives I stayed with Vera.
And I was very happy when you announced to have taken over the mios/Vera company. And you made lots of promises. You would develop the most flexible, reliable and fast platform. And also very cheap !! We could give inputs to all the devices and protocols we want to have integrated and which plugins we wuold need both existing and new ones. And inputs on specs and layout of the new apps.
Off course I know very well that a lot of work is involved in all this. But it is YOU that make all these promises. And with these promises you rise expectations. And if you rise expectations people WILL react critical. And then the way you handle this criticism is also an important factor.
Some examples…
I was very happy to read you decided to integrate new devices separate from new firmware releases, a good decision. And indeed the list of integrated zwave devices has grown very fast during the first half of this year (almost weekly as you promised…)
And I was also very happy that you gave me a EzloPlus for free when I applied as beta tester. I was less happy I had to wait for more than 30 days to have it delivered (sorry…). Then I started testing and spend many hours on it. And I reported it on this forum in details. Not only the things that went well but also the issues I encountered. One of my conclusions was that a significant part of the devices on your list of integrated devices did not work at all or with issues. This was somewhere end of July. I remember that you reacted to give these things the highest priority (I was happy with that) but you also more and less accused my of “name calling” (I was less happy with that). Oleh immediately asked me for some details on the devices and I provided those within 1 day. But… I never did get any reply on this past 3,5 months… Can you really imagine how I feel about that ?? I myself stopped testing but I visit this forum almost every day. And I see that a handfull of users still test the Ezlo Plus and report all kinds of issues. So I’m for sure not the only one reporting issues. And I also saw some of these issues myself. For example the famous “can’t detect device” errors. Promises were already made in august that it would be solved “in the next release”
I also did not see any new integrated devices the past 6 weeks.
So when McCakan placed a new list 5 days ago with the word “weekly” I indeed reacted critical. But it is NOT because of a typo… Everyone makes typos Probably you can find easily more than 10 typos in this resume of me (sorry I’m not native English, I’m from the beautiful Holland).
It is because I see a continuous pattern of making promises and NOT keeping up with those promises.
And I also have noticed many times you are not very open for criticism, at least you handle it not in a good way in my humble opinion. Instead of be honest and admit mistakes and just inform the users when things don’t go as smooth and fast as you thought (nothing wrong with admitting that!) you turn it in giving the blame to the one that gives the critital input.

To finish this long story: Im not only negative but if something is wrong I mention it. But I want to be taken serious. I still have not give up on Vera, I know it, put a tremendous lots of hours in it. But when I would give up and chose for another platform I will not come back here and complaining how bad Vera is and how great the other platform, as I saw some people do recent years.
But to he honest I’m worried about the progress. I fear it will take at least 2 years before the new Ezlo platform including app will have at least the same level as my current production setup with 2 Vera contollers (and 1 Fibaro Homecenter, sorry, for some devices that don’t work well with Vera) which I can controll all with one app Imperihome. As you probably know the company behind this app (Evertygo) went bankrupt. Tip: buy this app it is really great and saves you a lot of developing hours.
And recently I see problems on my 2 Vera units coming up again: more frequent luup reloads, ghost devices appearing. Despite all the measures I have taken to prevent these.
My biggest worry is that some great and crucial plugins will not be reverted to the new Ezlo platform. Also here I have seen the way you react to them when they give critical input. Please keep them on board and value their input and do something with it.