Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2020-May-29

Hello all,

As promised we continue with our weekly posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see all the newly integrated Z-Wave devices.

|Manufacturer|Model Number|Device Type|
|GLinear| GD00Z-5 |Garage Door Controller|
|GoControl| GD00Z-4| Garage Door Controller|
|Nutone| NGD00Z| Garage Door Controller|
|Aeotec| ZWA003-A |NanoMote Quad|
|Fibaro| FGPB-101 |Button|

Also here you can see all the newly integrated Zigbee Devices.
|Manufacturer|Model Number|Device Type|
|Sercomm |SZ-ESW02N |Energy Switch|
|Centralite |3146-C |Villa In-Wall Relay|
|Centralite |3145-C |Villa In-Wall Relay|
|Heiman |HS2SK-E| Zigbee Smart Metering Plug|
|Centralite| 3323-D |Micro Door Sensor|
|Centralite| 3141-C |Villa In-Wall Dimmer|
|Sengled| EN12-N14| Smart LED Bulb|
|Centralite| 3140-C| In-Wall Dimmer|

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check this community post for Z-Wave , also this community post for Zigbee , and also this community post for 2 Gig Devices. We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile: .