Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2020-Jun-22

Hello all,

As promised we continue with our weekly posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see all the newly integrated Z-Wave devices .

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Leviton RZP15-1LW Plug-In Appliance Module
Leviton VRP03_0806 Scene Capable Plug-in Dimmer Module
Inovelli LZW31-SN Dimmer Switch

Also down below you can see all the newly integrated Zigbee Devices .

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Sercomm SZ-DWS08N Door/Window Sensor
Sercomm SZ-WTD03N Water Detector
Sercomm SZ-DWS04 Door/Window Sensor
Jasco ZB3101/45852GE Smart Plug-In Dimmer
Bosch RFDL-ZB Motion Detector
Sercomm SZ-PIR02 Motion Sensor

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check this community post for Z-Wave , also this community post for Zigbee , and also this community post for 2 Gig Devices. We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile: .


When will the Greenwave 6 node be integrated. It is a unique device because ith has 6 ports with separate energy measuring. Energy measuring on the individual ports is possible on several systems like Fibaro, Homey, Domoticz, Homeseer, Home Assistant. But … not on Vera…
It is a zwave device.

These are for Ezlo FW and not for Vera FW. (This is an Ezlo thread)

I know you gave up on vera fw, my question is for Ezlo Plus. I hope I can test this one sometime (waiting for more than a month)