Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2020-Jul-07

Hello all,

As promised we continue with our weekly posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see the newly integrated Z-Wave device .

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Sensative 1102012/1 Strips Comfort

Also down below you can see the newly integrated Zigbee Devices .

Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
Philio PSG03-1 Smoke Sensor
Philio PAN13-1 On/Off Plug
Sylvania 73739 Smart Light Bulb

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check this community post for Z-Wave , also this community post for Zigbee , and also this community post for 2 Gig Devices. We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile:.


are you thinking of including MySensors? I say this because I converted my vera edge to elzo and I don’t have any Zwave or Zigbee devices to test. I always used mysensors (Arduino and esp) but now I can’t use them anymore. I live in Brazil and here the Zwave devices are rare and very expensive

This is offered thru a plugin.
I’m not sure all can be easily mapped with the current firmware, but it should be soon.
You just need to wait for someone to start doing it.

Thanks for the feedback … In reality, a Mqtt plugin for elzo would solve many things for me. I hope someone will look at this in the future

what exactly do you need?

as i explained above, i am a vera user for many years, however, i live in brazil, where zwave devices are expensive and rare. all my resisdencial automation is made with arduino, Esp8266, esp32. all thanks to Mysensors, a project originally made for Vera. With that, a whole community was able to create slides at home, customize them and add to the vera controller. I would very much like you to take a good look at Mysensors, as they helped Vera’s users a lot.

of course happy to help…

lets work through the use cases to see exactly what it is that you want to control and you can’t do right now and see if we can address them one by one.

I talked about Mqtt, as many devices can be configured to communicate with the controller through this protocol. So, many people would benefit if Elzo looks at this too. Example . Tasmota , espeasy, mysensors , etc.

I really appreciate your attention. This is really incredible for your team and the elzo vera community. I have always been attended to in all my problems. it really makes a lot of difference. The only thing I need to do is look at mysensors and mqtt with affection because I am sure that a driver that integrates this favors many people who do not have access to Zwave devices etc. Sorry about my bad English

I considered porting the mqtt plugin a while ago but at that time, the ezlo Engineering team suggested that they may integrate mqtt directly into the ezlo stack because they felt there may be benefit for the more resource constrained atom products. Haven’t heard back but going to wait before investing the time into porting the plugin - actually, right now I don’t have any spare development cycles anyway :wink:

thanks for the feedback. do you agree with me that an Mqtt implementation would attract many people to elzo? If so, it would already be a good argument for you to continue your fight for it. Great, I was happy to hear from you.

Hi @givapva

MQTT in our roadmap.
We hope to start MQTT implementation on Sprint 53 and we expect it will take 2 sprints.


as I said, I was always very satisfied with the support of your technical team. Thank you so much again. I’m sure many users will be happy too. thanks Oleh. sorry for my English

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