Newbie with Timer questions

I have just installed Vera and have one device installed a WDTC20 thermostat.
Easy to install and works great (well I only installed it last night).

I started setting up some scenes to control the thermostat.

I’ve created a scene with 2 timer events, but I’d like each of them to do something different (set different temps). Is this possible? It seems there is just one action for the scene, rather that one per timer event.

I’d like to do something different depending on the time of year (summer vs winter) is this possible?


You can have many timers running the same actions but not different actions. In your case you will need a separate scene for each

I’m sure you can code the summer vs winter stuff…someone else can chime in and tell you how.

I use four scenes, a “Comfort” and an “Economy” scene for each season, heating and cooling. Only one of each is enabled at any one time.

If you are at a luup enabled version of the OS, you can look here:

for tips on creating a luup scene. It’ll take a little trial and error, and more digging to find the right commands, but in a luup scene you should be able to determine the month of the year and pick your settings accordingly.

Hope this helps.