Newbie Stuck IRBlaster (Solved)

Running VeraLite with UI5
Have SQBlaster plugin installed and works with predefined devices.
Created a new device (was not predefined) with the I and D files that I uploaded.
New device shows up in interface but how do I now link it to use the SQ plugin.
People are talking about using the settings tab but all I see under that tab is “Use Default Behavior”
Any help here

Edit 1
Do the files need to be named I_xxxxx.xml or I_SQDevxxxxx.xml


Needed to name the I file I_SQdev…xml. Uploaded the file and needed to do 2 restarts and the new fields appeared on the settings tab. Selected SQBlaster plugin and all works fine.

After beating my head against the wall on this it is just as easy to enter a pronto code in a scene. Some good posts on how to do this