Newbie Question

Hey everyone,

So this is all new to me, so please excuse the dumb question. This is what I would like to do without scripting if possible. I would like my outside lights to come on at sunset and then at 10pm shut off and go to motion activation. Then at sunrise, shut off altogether (no motion).

I made 3 scenes to that effect. Lights at on sunset. Then, the motion light scene it set to come on at 9:50pm for 10 minutes, then triggers for any motion after that. (So they turn on for 10 minutes every time it detects motion).

My trouble is, my “lights off” scene activates at sunrise, but the motion detectors continue to run. I thought the “lights off” scene schedule would trump the motion scene so they wouldn’t start up again until 9:50pm.

What am I missing?

The Programmable Logic Event Generator (PLEG) plug-in can accomplish what you describe rather easily.