Newbie question on the icons


When creating a device with Vera Edge, how assign a specific icon ??

I do not think it’s impossible, it would be totally absurd, but how to tell Vera icon selected for each device ???

This is usually easy with other home automation systems, but where is this hidden ??? ;D

thank you

Absurd, maybe. But this functionality is not available in Vera.


Thank you for the info.

It is therefore impossible to use Vera to group simple automation.

So I think I’ll put on sale on eBay a VeraEdge that worked one hour :frowning:

Too bad, but not usable.

I think our definition of automation may vary.

I’ll bid $10.

Yes, you’re right, everyone has their context, needs vary from user to user.
The difficulty is to find a flexible system that can be used in all cases, not just in an apartment of 50 sqm to light bulbs, measure pollution, and adjust heating ;D

… and it’s not easy to find, All systems are too influenced by manufacturers targeting the “standard” of the majority …