Newbie Question: Motion Detection Logic to Avoid scenes triggering continually


I am using an Aeotech MultiSensor 6. So far, all seems to be working well but I’m looking for guidance in setting up my triggers which are working as configured but not as desired…

I want to avoid using someone’s presence in a room to trigger a light, only for that light to go out a few minutes later when the sensor thinks that the room is empty. Usually, I’m sitting on my lazy ass watching TV. Not much motion there… So, is there a way to block the OFF trigger for a certain period after the ON trigger fires?

Secondly, can the time of the triggers being active be set relative to a moving time like sunset?

Thank you.

Many folks use PLEG to control their Light/Motion activity … there are lots of examples listed.

Oooooh! :o The world suddenly got bigger.