Newbie question about scene commands tab

Hi All,
I have a scene that i configured to turm my son’s TV off at 11PM and then (as far as I can tell,) turn it back on 10 hours later. I’m using a Leviton plug-in appliance/lamp control module. The scene command says exactly this: (see attachment for screenshot!)

OFF After 10 hours On

The turning off part works great and I get reliable notification, however the turn on after 10 hours part does not work. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding this functionality or I’m just not configuring it correctly. I guess I can always create a new scene called “Turn TV on” and set it to run at 9 AM, but it seems like a waste to not use the functionality that the scene command has.
Any help is appreciated!

I think the “After X hours” functionality is implemented using the luup.call_after() function and as a result, your scene falls victim to the fact that any pending luup.call_after() and luup.call_delay() function calls will not not survive a LUA engine restart. On my 1.1.1183 based vera2, those restarts appear to be happening once every 8 (or less) hours.

As a result, your only option until this is fixed is to use a different scene, imho.

PS: It may be an idea for MCV to implement those two functions as an update to a crontab entry and thus remove the dependency on the LUA engine not restarting?

I have the same scene but I have the on setting set to return to previous setting and it works great.

using 2 (time based) scenes to accomplish this will be vastly more reliable

I generally use 30 minutes as the maximum time I will allow in a “after x” time event in a scene. If it is longer, I use a separate scene.

What I am wondering, is if your son has discovered yet that the button on the appliance module will turn power back on after Vera shuts it off for the night?

Thanks all for the excellent responses! I’m an IT veteran with 20+ years and I’ve never seen a quicker responding and more informative forum! This goes a long way towards taking the place of direct customer support!

aa6vh - the good thing is the module is plugged into the wall behind a dresser! which brings me to another question. If the back of the dresser is pushing up against the button on my Leviton module, will this screw things up by causing the module to stay in one state? (either on or off.) I’ve assumed that it will screw thsings up so I put a piece of wood behind the dresser to stop it from pushing back into the button, but I’m curious as I intend to use more of these modules soon.
Thanks All!