Newbie having massive trouble with "Please wait! Getting secure classes"

Hey guys -
I’m really having trouble with this thing. Have the Vera Edge with 2 Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolts. FINALLY got them to pair and show up under devices, but both the deadbolts constantly have the warning in red: “Please wait! Getting secure classes”. Can anyone translate that to human so I can know what the problem is that I need to fix? The controller doesn’t seem to know the state of the locks (unlocked or locked) and it intermittently seems to accept pin code settings.

Thanks so much for your help. Is this thing too buggy to use?

Did you ever get this to work? I am trying to pair the same touch screen lock and it appears to add correctly but then gets stuck on the same message “Please Wait Getting Secure Classes”. I left the VeraLite hanging on the door knob over night so I know distance and time are not a factor.

I am on the latest firmware for the VeraLite and I think that may be the issue. I had it paired and working somewhat for a year but was unable to add PINs from Vera. So, I thought I would unpair and try it again but now I’m not able to add it back…


You have to un-pair it and then re-pair it.

Also - the more recent firmware releases are far more picky about security than the older releases were. You need to have the controller near the device for a while (up to 30 minutes) while pairing for the security keys to be exchanged. The latest zwave firmware enforces low power mode for key pairing.

I have a Schlage BE469NX which has worked perfectly with my VeraLite for over a year. I recently upgraded my VeraLite firmware to 1.7.719 and ended up reinstalling all of my devices. I was able to reinstall my GD00Z-4 garage door opener, My Honeywell thermostat, several light switches, my DSC alarm system, my minimote and 6 different cameras. The only thing that didn’t come back up was the Schlage deadbolt. I do agree it seems to be associated with the secure connection between the two devices. My concern now is I have the VeraLite about 6 feet from the Schlage for 3 days now. Still getting the message. I opened a service ticket with Customer Support. They upgraded my firmware to 1.7.730 but, that didn’t help. Hope they get back to me soon. Let me know if you find out anything and I will update my post if they get me fixed.

Having the same problem. I thought my VeraLite must need to be updated. So I ordered an Ezlo only to find out it only works with the mobile app and doesn’t have all of the functions I use on the web Vera site.
Now I’m trying to reinstall my VeraLite and can not get my Schlage lock to pair. I’m going to try to find a long cord as people have suggested. I use this for my vacation rental and need to get it working. Has anyone found a remedy since the last posts?