Newbie feedback + Qees Ring + phantom controler in Vera 2

Hi all,

I just received my Vera (in Europe) and all I can say is I’m awfully disapointed, I am a certified geek and I have just spend 5 hours just trying to understand how it works, fighting with screenshots that don’t apply to V2 nor the latest firmware (that I have installed), even the “quick start” sheet that comes with the box redirects to "The micasaverde website, support section and click on “Quick start”…quick start link that doesn’t even exist.
Worse, the battery kit I received came with a US-plug adapter, a 2 page manual all written in chinese ! Thankfully I didn’t need the battery yet…

Anyway, I’ve totally given up on advising this system to friends. All the advertising on user friendliness is just not delivered a single bit. Micasaverde! Stop your engineers for a second, think about streamlining your website, your links, your user guides…if you become a geek company, your fate may (unfortunately) be no different that all home automation ventures around !

[ul][li]The flash interface has been thought by engineers as well: menu bars all around (top, top left, left, bottom), useless flashy colors…[/li]
[li]The detailed interface is far from being userfriendly, e.g. “name” of the device in the advanced section along with low level parameters???).[/li]
[li]The interface asks for a login on, and after asks a name for the home… of course, one would think the login should be the login…but no, it’s the home name.[/li][/ul]

Now enough with the bad stuff. ::slight_smile: The good news is I am not the public Micasaverde is targetting: I am a “semi-advanced” user, and am thrilled by the possiblities.
I had some good experience: switching my Düwi switch works like a charm (bye bye X10 and the 2 seconds gap), I connected SQ remote with nothing but launching it, and even better, by just entering my login details in the setup, I can connect away from home without doing any bit of configuration or port forwarding.

I have 2 problems though:

[ul][li]I have a “phantom” controller in Vera. Since manipulating my Qees Ring. When in Devices/Advanced/Controlled by, in the list, there is a “_scene_controller” that I can’t remove (it does not appear anywhere in the interface, and removing the Ring form the network doesn’t help). Any idea?[/li]
[li]I can’t get my Qees Ring to work at all. I include in the network, Vera recognises it as a controller and adds it. So far so good.
But then I want to create a scene, refer to the “event 1” of the ring…and clicking the ring doesn’t do anything.
I have tried resetting the Ring and so on, no change. I also don’t see how to “associate” it to a scene (I am assuming, since Vera is my main controller, that I do not need to associate the Ring to anything at all, as Vera should handle the events. The only Vera/Qees ring instruction I have found online refers to the old version of Vera, and another post on this forum refers to the new firmware breaking down compatibility… any idea as well?[/li][/ul]

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for the help!