Newbee with Leviton DZS15

Newbee to VeraEdge here. I just purchased a VeraEdge. Firmware 1.7.1707. I bought a Leviton DZS15 Switch at Home Depot as my first switch. It has the ZWave logo on the front. When I went to pair the device I did not see any Leviton devices in the supported Dimmers and Lights, so I used Other ZWave Device instead.

Afterward it now shows the device as an On/Off switch. The icon is a plug with an R in the center. On the iPhone Vera App it does not show up on the dashboard under my Shortcuts - No Lights Available shows up instead. So I am thinking there is a category of devices that show up as lights, and the DZS15 Other Device is not identified in that category. Other than this the switch turns on and off and gets updated in about a second or two. My questions are:

  1. Why doesn’t a common switch like the Leviton from Home Depot not get included in the supported devices?
  2. Is there some other supported light switch that I could use instead that would make this a light switch?
  3. Is there a way for me to tweek the configuration settings to make this work like a light switch and show up in the Lights category (if I am right about this)?

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like something messed up during the pairing process. I have lots of the DZS15 switches and have no issues with them whatsoever. They all show as On/Off switches on my dashboard. I would suggest trying to un-pair it and re-pair it. I would just use the “Other Zwave Device” as you did previously.

[ol][li]Simple devices such as switches don’t require anything special for pairing while at the same time there are lots of manufacturers and lots of models of switches, so having a list of all of them would be hard to maintain. That and Vera & Leviton aren’t officially partners, I would guess that is part of the reason too.[/li]
[li]There are others that are listed. If you want to try another brand that can typically be picked up locally, you can get GE from Lowes.[/li]
[li]Only thing I know here is to unpair and repair.[/li][/ol]

kclubb it sounds like you are asking specifically about the All Lights Shortcut.
This thing is kind of buggy in Vera, there is likely nothing wrong with your switch or how it was included, On/Off Switch type is correct for the DZS15. There is no way to tell Vera what to include in that Lights Shortcut or not include. It seems to only include Dimmer Light Switches in general (but also includes my register vents).

So don’t worry about it, just ignore that Lights Shortcut, it doesn’t work right and never has (you find lots of thread here about how to add or remove devices from that list and you can’t right now). Create your own Scene to do an All Lights On and All Lights Off. (You can also look for threads on app recomendations for iPhone I am guessing there is something better/more configurable you can use).

shallowearth, thanks for the info. I will just ignore that the device does not show up in All Lights.

lingerba, the device actually works and shows up as a On/Off switch as I said in my post. I now understand that the device just does not show up in the All Lights shortcut for some random reason, so I am satisfied at this point. Thanks for your help. I almost picked up a GE device from Lowes yesterday, and that will be my primary source from now on.

So I wanted to follow up with this. As I mentioned, I have lots of Leviton DZS15 switches and didn’t really have any issues including them. However, yesterday I just added an additional one and I experienced similar results as @kclubb posted.

This got me thinking and I wonder if this is associated with the “Sorry Node Reports its Busy” issue being reported with Leviton Switches here:,35236.msg261028.html#msg261028

In my quick comparisons between my old switch(es) and new one, I noted differences in the “capabilities”. You will notice that the new one does not have 103 or 107. The weird thing is, neither of those numbers are on Vera’s Zwave Command Class List (
Old: 211,156,0,4,16,3,L,R,B,RS,|37,39,43,44,103,107,114,115,119,134,145,
New: 211,156,0,4,16,3,L,R,B,RS,|37,39,43,44,114,115,119,134,145,

I have no clue if these two issues are related, but I would have to think they are somewhat related.