Hi Rene,

Using your plugin with openLuup and all works well. My scenes of course use variables as triggers and action commands, so I wanted to know if the “newActivityID” variable stays constant across luup reloads. For example, the following command/variable combination switches my AV receiver to a firestick input: “Harmony1&action=StartActivity&newActivityID=30683682”

It’s the hard value of the newActivityID that has me asking this— to forestall any trouble caused by reloads (which happen as I add/delete devices etc.) as I don’t see any way to hard map a newActivityID to a given device.

Thx in advance.

The Activity ID is consistent upon reloads. I have a lot of scenes using the current Activity ID and new Activity ID variables either as conditional or as variable to change.

Hi Buxton,

The values for the activity IDs map with the Harmony configuration. Only if you remove an activity from the Hub configuration the activity ID will be removed. Likewise new values will appear on newly created activities. I.e. their values are not specific to the plugin and are never changed by the plugin.

Cheers Rene

OK great, good to know.