New Whirlpool Hot Water Heater with Energy Smart Module

I just purchased a new water heater from Whirlpool and it has an energy smart module that can control temp, vacation mode, smart grid, etc…

I was doing some research and looks like it supports a module from the utility company to control power consumption. It also supports other modules for Smart Home control. The only thing I can find for this is a module just announced from Lowe’s Iris system.

Anyone have any additional information related to adding this device to my Vera Lite setup?

step ahead

I think this is being marketed as Whirlpool 6th Sense technology. Wi-fi enabled…
I couldn’t find anything about an API.
If there was a good Vera API, I would consider the fridge, as I am about to upgrade mine…

I checked one of the user manuals. Indicates smart setup is done at

All you get when you go to that URL is:
“Heroku | No such app
There is no app configured at that hostname.
Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL.”

Has any traction been has on this? I am thinking of getting this module for my water heater and would love to be able to control from my VeraEdge.