New version (3.1.4) of EzloPi is out!

After all tests here is the Release Notes for the new EzloPi release build
Version : 3.1.4
Build : 181

New Features:

  1. Updated support for OTA along with build value comparison and scheduled for 24hrs of duration after NMA connection is made for the first time.
  2. Added Reset reason, network status, chip and SDK info, network info and NMA cloud connection info to info command.
  3. Added config check and update feature for switching cloud environments.
  4. Addition of separate driver for GXHTC3 series sensor.
  5. Disabled all the logs including bootloader logs.

Breaking Changes:

  1. New Partition for ESP32 standard 4MB modules.
  2. New memory map with aligned addresses for Provisioning data.
  3. Change of NVS size from 16KB to 48KB.
  4. Updated size for provisioning data storage partition to 32KB from 64KB.
  5. Expanded memory partition for Program storage to 1.9MB
  6. Serial Info JSON structure changed.
  7. MAC value type is now String instead of byte array.


  1. Fixes on re-registration process after a web-socket connection gets broken causing device to go offline.
  2. Fix with network status on serial info.
  3. Fixed following tickets:
    • BMP280 isn’t updating its values and is stuck on 0 value.
    • JSN-SR04T isn’t updating its values and is stuck on 0 value.
    • Switch device incorrectly shows Armed state option.
    • IR Proximity sensor uses a Light Bulb Switch device in UI - Motion Sensor device would be better.
    • Current Sensor Tile is not appearing on the dashboard.
    • Devices designs are overlapping with using Ezlo Pi.
    • Dimmer device slider only goes to 1% minvalue not 0% as it should do so

My web flasher page at still says its build 178 not 181.