New version (1.3.2) of EzloPi is out!

Upgrade Steps

  • Uninstall the existing ezlopi app.
  • Run installer ezpi_1.3.2_x64.exe

New Features

  • Added new chip support ESP32S3
  • User can switch between ezlopi controllers he/she has created with the UI
  • Door sensor, ADC support has been added
  • Added log options: info, debug and disable
  • Added device restart option

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with GPIO not appearing even not issued set-config
  • Fixed login issue

Will we have EzloPi for linux?

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EzloPi is firmware for CPUs…
Right now its for ESP (ARM) based CPUs…
We will be expanding the CPU sets to include more.

I mean desktop EzloPi Configurator app

we have a “Web Based Configurator” coming very soon :wink:

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Hi Maksym,
Thanks for asking about it.
We will be adding EzloPi linux in next immediate release. Thank you.

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