New VeraPlus from Backup Z-Wave Latency

My Vera Plus was bricked by a firmware update i am currently waiting for a replacement. Seen as i foolishly set up my home to rely on this hub i decided to purchase another for use in the interim i plugged in skipped the firmware update and restored the last backup i had from my previous controller. To my supprise this process worked great and i was back up and running in no time.

However… My Z-Wave network has much more latency then it previously did it has never been lightning fast like say my Zigbee network (Philips Hue) but it is border line unusable now.

I noticed in the Z-Wave config panel theres not an obvious option to “heal” the network after some reading it seems this option has been removed. I waited a few days to see if it would sort its self out but it hasn’t in fact i suspect its a little worse. Is this just the nature of wave and backups?

What are my options?

Is there a reliable method of making the zwave network heal itself?
Will one or a mixture of the options in the zwave config screen solve my issues?
Is the only reliable way of achieving this to rebuild? (I really want to avoid this if possible i have a large network.)

Firstly what you have already been through is just the start of your Vera journey sorry to say :frowning:

Secondly what you are looking for is Settings > Z-Wave Settings > Advanced > Update Neighbour Nodes

BTW let it be for a few hours, preferably a day, after you do that - as the Z-Wave network will be a little busy sorting itself out.

Yes, after reading through the forum a little more this does indeed seem to be the case! Id be forgiving as i usually am with tech but they do not seem to be righting there wrongs very efficiently.

Ill try the update neighbourhood and report back thanks for the advice.

I have ran update neighbor nodes a couple of times and left it a day to complete. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have done the trick.

Latency is still bad, however, my problem seems to only be turning on from “cold” for instance…

I switch a light on for the first time in a while its will take 5-15 seconds to switch on. If i then switch OFF the light it will go straight off <500ms then switching it ON again 9/10 it will go straight back ON <500ms. This will normally happen continuously ON > OFF > ON > OFF until i either give up or it develops a lag from my abuse which is as expected.

All of my lights are Fibaro Dimmer 2.

What is the current firmware version on the new unit and what version is your backup from?

If they differ to much it is possible the zwave chipset used for your backup is different than the firmware on the unit.

Perhaps try to upgrade, evaluate performance, then make a fresh zwave network backup and then restore it.

If you don’t want to go that route have support look at it first.

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