New vera2 user - 3-way lighting question (GE 45613)

Hi - I just got setup with the Vera2, the Trane t-stat’s, a few of the GE 45606’s (2-way dimmer) and 45609’s (on/off switch) and built the iTunes integration with scenes (which is very cool!). All of this has been relatively painless. I’m controlling it with my iPhone (iVera), setup a few scenes and it’s great.

The issue I ran into tonight was with the GE 45613’s (3-way switches.) Our house was built in 2008 (in Maryland) and follows what I would assume to be modern electric code. A 3-way switch includes two switches each with two black wires on one side, a red traveler on the other and ground. The neutrals are bundled in the back of the outlet box. I noticed the traveler has voltage on it, which I assume is causing issues with the low-voltage communication the GE is trying to produce. (I have been unsuccessful in getting the 45613’s to work) With all of the negative feedback I’ve read about this product in particular, I’m wondering what the better solution is. I have a lot of 3-way switches in the house and need a solution. I’d appreciate any feedback, as I’d like to get this project wrapped up and this is a substantial stumbling block.


This thread is full of good information:
(I love how a 14 page thread starts off with “quick question”)

You sound like you are pretty handy, I’d focus on identifying the wires on both sides. Look on the internet at the several ways you can arrange and wire the two switches and light of a 3-way system, and see if one starts to make sense. A Voltage/Continuity tester will go a long way in identifying things. You want to find the power coming in, typically a pair of travellers in between, and the wire out to the light. If you can, take apart the light j-box and see if there are connections there. Understanding what each switch does in a typical 3-way really helps you to figure out the best wires to use to get the GE working properly. My set works fine, BTW, and my house had the 3-way wiring that I was familiar with.