New Vera User With System Error


I received my average yesterday so I’m just getting started here. I’ve successfully set up my RFXtrx433e and LightwaveRF devices, but I’m getting an error at the top of the UI7 portal:

System error : Device: 51. Fail to load implementation file D_Codeset_1100.xml.lzo

I have no idea where to start, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks very much.


Use the following local request to get rid of the error:


(Replace Vera_IP with the actual IP of your controller)

You can run this request from a computer that is on the same local network as Vera.

Once done, reload the engine from the Vera’s UI (Settings - Z-Wave Settings - Advanced).

Perfect! You’re a star, thank you.


Cool, this worked for me, too.
I do wonder, however, if anyone on the local network can issue such unsecured HTTP commands to the Vera Plus…