New user programming a Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW

Hi - I’m a brand new Vera owner (from a Homeseer) and have moved everything over and got all the scenes working except for for the Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW thermostat. I want to reset the heat and cool set points every couple of hours so if my wife manually overrides the thermostat and heads downstairs it resets to the “normal” settings.

My scene:

[i]Step 1: Select a Trigger
1 Schedule Trigger
Every 3 Hours

Step 2: Device Actions
Upstairs Thermostat Heat
Upstairs Thermostat On 65?F
Wait for 5s and then
Upstairs Thermostat Cool
Upstairs Thermostat On 80?F
Wait for 10s and then
Upstairs Thermostat Auto

When I run this it sets the heat setpoint to 83 and the cool setpoint to 80. Not sure what is going on. Any help is appreciated.

I use the Energy Savings Mode and Normal Mode settings of this thermostat.

Meaning based on Occupancy & Motion Sensors I determine if no human has been on a particular floor for an hour and therefore set to Energy Savings Mode. If the manual override was temporary, this eliminates the override. Then when someone comes back to that floor I go to Normal Mode - picking back up the programmed schedule.

All the temperatures are set on the thermostat - both the normal 7 days schedule and the Energy Savings Mode temperature. I just toggle states based on Occupancy…

BTW, glad to see someone come FROM Homeseer TO Vera. There has been a lot of Vera critics on this board being very vocal about migrating the other way…

But why do the heat setpoint get set incorrectly to 83?

Auto doesn’t work correctly in UI7, and Vera doesn’t seem to want to fix it. It did under UI5. Did it work with Homeseer? There may be a way to do this with PLEG, lua or advanced editor.

Even the “advanced” section of the scene editor. Don’t use the GUI…

Can anyone upload some screen shots of the PLEG programming of a thermostat? What I’ve been trying isn’t working…

Here is a status report:

Example using Energy Savings Mode and not directly setting temperatures.
This controls three Honeywell thermostats and four ceiling fans.