New user in new home

I’m building a new house and my wife wants a “security” system after looking at the Iris system at Lowe’s I seem to think that their system is kind of limited to what they want to sell and not very customizable. Us they want you to pay for services that isn’t really then providing anything but a revenue stream after you buy the system.
Like I said its a new house, we are framing it now, Im my own general contractor and the electrician so I’m pretty flexible on adding anything. I’d really like to do a couple outdoor cameras two lock sets and some temp control and lighting I’d course. Any tips or advise for a new user starting from the ground up? Looking and the verde light or the 3.

Have a look at the DSC systems or other main stream DYI alarms systems that are covered under the security sub forums…

For the recent DSC discussions refer to

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