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Good morning Vera community. I have been using a couple of Vera3 controllers to control Schlage Z Wave touch pad door locks on a coupe of separate condos I have at the beach. It appears that the I have been having issues with batteries. When I log into the app, it shows my battery life as good on the lock, but I don’t think that is the case. I can change the batteries and the locks work again. I wondering if I am not logging in enough to get an accurate reading of the battery life on the lock?

Also, If I turn off polling to get more life on the batteries, would it still communicated battery life?

Yes if you set polling to 0 i.e. Never, which I do for all my battery operated devices.

Their battery level should still be reported to Vera when the battery operated devices wakes up.

I tend to set the wakeup interval for battery operated devices to 24hrs which is 86400 seconds.

Thanks for the info. So let me make sure my setting are correct:
I uncheck poll nodes
Number of seconds to wait to start polling is set to 20
Only poll a node if the Z Wave network is idle is set to 10 seconds
Unless specified otherwise, poll each node once every set to 60 seconds
Poll a node every ) seconds.

Where is the wakeup interval?

I have not changed any global settings:


I do it on a per device basis instead, as I still want to poll some mains powered devices.

Although having said that, most mains powered devices these days do instant status feedback to Vera anyways.

So for example here is my outdoor battery operated Everspring SP816 motion sensor.

In each device you can go to their “Settings”


So I don’t see a setting on the lock for a wake up interval. Keep in mind I only have one device on the network which is the lock. I went to the settings on the device, which is the lock, settings and I only have the option to Poll this node ever _ seconds

Oh you have an old Vera 3. Is it UI5 or UI7 web GUI ?

I can’t tell you. It’s been several years since I installed them. Not at the location where the units are located. Is it possible to tell you that through the web interface?

UI5 is blue UI7 is green LOL.

Maybe go to Settings - Firmware what is the version ?

UI5 would look like this:


I believe it is the green writing if memory serves. I have 4 of them.
Firmware is 1.7.569
These things have been bullet proof so I have been apprehensive about updating them

You are on UI7 albeit a very old version.

What is the model number of the Schlage locks ?

I am not sure why then you cannot see a wake up interval in the devices settings.

Generally extending the wake up interval will also help to preserve battery life.

Satin Nickel

Schlage Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology

Model: FE599NXCAM619ACC

or something like it. the locks are about 4 years old.

So would updating the firmware give me the ability to do that? I see that the poll setting on the device is set for 10800 or every three hours. So by setting that to 86400 that would once a day right?

“So would updating the firmware give me the ability to do that? I see that the poll setting on the device is set for 10800 or every three hours. So by setting that to 86400 that would once a day right?”

No poll setting is different to wake up interval.

Well if it is that model here is the installation guide for it and its product page here.

The guide make no mention of any Z-Wave settings at all.

Usually Z-Wave device user manuals mention the wake up and sometimes what its max value can be as some you cannot set as long as 86400 seconds.

And I can’t say that updating the Vera firmware would then give you access to the wake up interval setting as I don’t know.

Actually I think I just linked to the wrong one ?

That was a FE599NX CAM 505 ACC

fair enough. so if the polling number on the lock is 10800 meaning it polls every three hours. I just changed the setting to 86400 on the device meaning it would only poll once a day right?

How difficult is it to update the firmware? Would that require resetting everything?

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